Sweden 2018 (9/22 - 9/30)

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Sweden 2018 (9/22 - 9/30)

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    Explore the West Coast of Sweden from the cockpit of a sea kayak and then backpack along the Pilgrim Trail in the Dalsland region, also known as "The Lake Province",  while experiencing Swedish culture and hospitality along the way.  We'll start our adventure in historic city of Gothenburg, paddling through the city's canals, checking out the daily catch at the Fish Church (Fish Market), strolling the streets of the Haga district, and even enjoying a fika (coffee & cake) on a replica of a Swedish East India tall ship.  Gothenburg's restaurants boast some of the finest examples of Scandinavian cuisine and you'll have the opportunity to enjoy not only traditional favorites but also some innovative, and delicious, new creations.

    Departing Gothenburg we'll head north along the coast towards the quaint fishing village of Grundsund where we'll transfer to sea kayaks for an overnight tour of the Bohuslän region which CNN Travel labeled a "kayaking paradise!"  Once we leave Gothernburg all meals are included!  We'll camp out along the coast and then paddle our way to our next stop, a beautiful resort complete with hot tubs, saunas, a swimming pool, and a world class restaurant, that used to serve as an executive retreat for employees of Volvo and is now open to the public.  We'll relax for the evening, enjoy a three course Scandinavian dinner, and depart for the Dalsland region late in the morning.  

    After breakfast and another dip in the hot tub, we'll be driven to a charming boutique hotel that was built within a 100 year-old old silo with solid wooden walls constructed by thick horizontal planks, and completed with french balconies that offer stunning views of the adjacent lake.  We'll stop just long enough to drop our luggage and enjoy a freshly prepared lunch before being shuttled to the start of our 3 day/2 night backpacking adventure on the old Pilgrim Trail that was used by those making the trek to St Olav's tomb in Trondheim, Norway.  Camping out on the trail and enjoying some gourmet backcountry meals, we'll make our way back to the hotel where we dropped our bags.  Arriving by mid-afternoon you'll have plenty of time to explore the area, relax on the lake shore, or maybe even rent a canoe.  After a gourmet dinner made from local ingredients, and a restful night's sleep, we'll gather our things for the ride back to the Gothenburg airport.  

    This trip has a little bit of everything thoughtfully combined into a neat, Scandinavian package.  Everything is included except airfare and meals in Gothenburg.  From touring the city of Gothenburg, paddling along the coast, and hiking on the Pilgrim trail, to exploring Sweden's history & culture, and enjoying some fine Swedish dining, this is an adventure vacation you'll be remembering fondly for years to come.  Join us and let's meet for a fika!


GROUP SIZE (12 Maximum + 2 Guides)


9/22 - Arrive Gothenburg / Rest and then tour the city
9/23 - Canal Kayak Tour / Museums / Free Time
9/24 - House of Emigrants / Tall Ship Götheborg / Fika / Walking Tour / Free Time
9/25 - Drive to Grundsund and begin coastal kayak tour / Camp along the coast
9/26 - Paddle to Bokenäset Resort
9/27 - Drop bags at Upperud and shuttle to trailhead / Hike on the Pilgrim Trail / Camping
9/28 - Pilgrim Trail / Dalsland Region / Camping
9/29 - Hike back to Upperud and enjoy Dalsland
9/30 - Shuttle back to Gothenburg Airport / Flight Home


  • Lodging (Hotel Scandic Europa,
    Bokenäset Resort, and Upperud 9:9)
  • Ground Transportation
  • Rental Gear (Backpack, Tent, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad, Headlamp, Trekking Poles)
  • Guided sea kayak tour
  • 3 day backpacking trip
  • All meals outside of Gothenburg
  • Canal kayak tour
  • House of Emigrants tour
  • Museum of Gothenburg
  • Guided city walking tour
  • Gothenburg City Card (Museum Admission / Public Transportation)
  • Licensed English Speaking Guides
  • Gift Package