Our goal is to make getting out of the city as easy and as comfortable as possible.  Space is limited as we start up so reservations are highly recommended but as demand increases we plan to add more vans.  

1. Book your trip in advance on our website. 

2. Arrive at your pickup location 15 minutes early and ready for adventure

3. You are free to eat anything in the van as long as it doesn't have a strong odor that will disturb other passengers.

4. Drinks require a lid so as not to soak or injure other passengers.

5. Pets are allowed but must be in a crate (Crate can be left in the van)

6. If the crate cannot fit on your lap you may be required to purchase a separate ticket for your pet.

7. We love pets but pets don't always love vans so there is a $15 cleaning fee per pet.

8. Children require their own seat.

9. If your child requires a car safety seat under NY State law you are required to provide it and we are not responsible for it's condition or operation.

10. You can be dropped off at any spot along our route that our driver feels is safe so please research your trip in advance.

11. If you feel you've received exceptional service please don't forget to tip your driver.