Our goal is to make getting out of the city as easy and as comfortable as possible.  Space is limited as we start up so reservations are highly recommended but as demand increases we plan to add more vans.  

1. Book your trip in advance on our website. 
2. Arrive at your pickup location 15 minutes early and ready for adventure
3. You are free to eat anything in the van as long as it doesn't have a strong odor that will disturb other passengers.
4. Drinks require a lid so as not to soak or injure other passengers.
5. Pets are allowed but must be in a crate (Crate can be left in the van)
6. If the crate cannot fit on your lap you may be required to purchase a separate ticket for your pet.
7. We love pets but pets don't always love vans so there is a $15 cleaning fee per pet.
8. Children require their own seat.
9. If your child requires a car safety seat under NY State law you are required to provide it and we are not responsible for it's condition or operation.
10. You can be dropped off at any spot along our route that our driver feels is safe so please research your trip in advance.
11. If you feel you've received exceptional service please don't forget to tip your driver.



We understand that plans change and that weather may affect your plans so we try to be as flexible as possible with your reservation.  If you are looking to cancel due to weather please be sure to check the weather in the area you will be hiking and do not rely on the NYC forecast.  The forecast may call for rain in NYC but be bright and sunny in the Catskills!  While we do our best to accommodate your schedule please keep in mind that if it is just days before your trip we've likely turned people away so we may not be able to issue you a full refund.  As such we've implemented the following cancellation policy.


1.  If you cancel more than 4 full days in advance you are entitled to a full refund.  For example, if your trip is scheduled for Saturday morning you must cancel by midnight on Monday.  
2.  If you cancel more than 2 but less than 4 full days in advance you are entitled to a credit that can be used towards a future trail taxi trip.  For example, if your trip is scheduled for Saturday morning you must cancel by midnight on Wednesday.  
3.  If you cancel less than 2 days in advance or fail to show up we are unable to issue you a refund or a credit.  We understand that problems come up last minute or that you may get sick the night before but unfortunately we must stick to this policy in order to offer this service at an affordable price.  We hope you understand!
4.  If the weather is looking to be severe in the area where the shuttle is headed we will give you the option of cancelling or choosing an alternate destination.
5.  If we must cancel the trip due to weather, equipment malfunction, or any reason, you will be entitled to a full refund.


NYC to Trail

Running late?  When you sign up you'll be given a cell number to reach your driver so please call and let us know.  We'll do what we can to wait for you but please understand that we have a van full of passengers who are eager to get out of the city and go hiking.  We're happy to wait 15 minutes or so but if it's going to be longer we ask that you meet us at our Upper West Sidepickup location.  Unfortunately we cannot issue a refund if you fail to show up on time no matter what the reason so please check the night before for subway repairs, bridge closures, or anything else that could delay you in the morning.


Trail to NYC

    This is obviously a more serious concern so we give you an extra opportunity to show up.  If you fail to show up at your designated pickup location at the scheduled pickup time we will wait 15 minutes for you to turn up.  If after 15 minutes you have not arrived we will have to continue with our pickup route so that the rest of the passengers are not alarmed, but fear not, we will come back for you!  It may take up to an hour more but after completing the pickup route we will head back to your designated pickup location.  Please call your driver to let them know you are waiting and please do not leave the pickup location.  Of course by the time we come back for you we've likely spent an extra hour or more on wages, gas, and mileage, not to mention we now have a van full of annoyed passengers, so we do ask that you plan your hike to arrive at your pickup with extra time to spare and we recommend that you pack some extra snacks to tide you over until the van arrives.  If we do have to come back for you we must charge you a $15 late fee per person in your group.  
    If after returning to your designated pickup location you have not turned up, and we have not heard from you, we will call local police / search and rescue teams to begin looking for you.  Since this is not a guided trip we are not going to come searching for you and after calling the proper authorities we will head back to NYC with the rest of our passengers.  As such we ask that you let us know if your return travel plans change.  Should you decide that you like it so much up there that you want to stay overnight at a local B&B, or you meet some friends on the trail that offer you a ride back to city, that's fine but just let us know so we literally don't call out the National Guard.  You are solely responsible for any fees associated with any emergency services called out on your behalf.