Backpacking Tent Rental (3 Person)

  • 3 person tent rental
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Backpacking Tent Rental (3 Person)


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MSR Mutha Hubba

The MSR® Mutha Hubba NX tent is the ideal tent for a minimalist trio backpacking deep into the Sierras in the heat of summer, or tackling the Appalachian Trail for an extended trip in the spring. The easy-to-assemble 3-person tent features a new frame geometry that improves ventilation and interior headroom, two easy setup options, and the most livable accommodations for 3-season conditions.

3 Season

Footprint Included

Minimum rental is 3 days

3 Days (Minimum Rental): $85
Extra Days between 4 and 6 days: $14 per day
7 Day Rental: $127.50
Extra Days after 7 days: $12.50 per day

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