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GSI Pinnacle Griddle

The Pinnacle Griddle offers the ultimate in cooking performance, non-stick resiliency and durability. This ultra-rugged, 2 burner griddle has exclusive Teflon with Radiance Technology coating to enhance heat distribution and reduce hotspots while its resisting scratches and abrasions.

MUST BE USED WITH NYLON SPATULA (Included with rental)

Non-reactive, hard anodized surface assures even heating with exceptional efficiency.

Efficient grease collection channel.

Exceptionally durable non-stick Teflon® Radiance technology surface.

Convenient handles allow griddle to be hung for cooling or storage.


MAJOR DIMENSION: 19.7" x 11"

WEIGHT: 2 lbs. 3 oz.

DIMENSIONS: 19.70'' x 11.10'' x 1.70''

MATERIAL: Non-Stick Coated, Hard Anodized Aluminum

3 Days (Minimum Rental): $10
Extra Days between 4 and 6 days: $1.5 per day
7 Day Rental: $15
Extra Days after 7 days: $1.25 per day

Please review our rental policies


Camping Stove Griddle

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