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Knowing how to use a map and compass is a critical skill when venturing into the wilderness and while gps devices are a great tool, they do not replace basic land navigation skills. This course will teach you how to use a compass as well as basic map reading skills, magnetic deviation, triangulating your position, staying orientated, measuring distance, pacing, and finding your way with just a map or just a compass. The course consists of both classroom lecture/discussion as well as field practice. Be prepared to venture into the woods, confident that you can navigate to your destination and return safely!



"I thoroughly enjoyed Gear to Go Outfitter's orienteering class and was impressed with the patient, thorough and fun approach to learning that Kevin and his assistant provided throughout this daylong event.

Kevin really knows his stuff. But knowledge does not automatically make for a great teacher. Kevin is a great teacher because he imparts his knowledge in a clear, easy-going way that creates a relaxed learning environment. The class was well-organized, with plenty of room for questions and plenty of practice opportunities. Overall, a first-rate introduction to the topic. 

It's great to have a local business providing learning opportunities for being in the great outdoors safely and with the right information in hand. Look forward to more classes down the road!"
GERRY (Brooklyn, NY) (posted on

Start Time: 9:30 am

End Time: 5 pm

Location: Prospect Park


Orienteering Class (Land Navigation) (Saturday, May 20th)