Surefire FM36 Flashlight Filter (Blue)

$54.00 $39.95 -26%
  • Surefire FM36 Flashlight Filter (Blue)

Surefire FM36 Flashlight Filter (Blue)

$54.00 $39.95 -26%

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The SureFire FM36 Blue Filter is a flip-up blue filter that is dedicated to flashlights with a 1.25" bezel.

The smooth prefocused blue beam of light from your SureFire flashlight can be used to track wounded game at night. Bloodstains stand out more distinctly against foliage when viewed under blue light. This blue filter produces a light beam with a reduced output level and intensity that is also suitable for non-tactical operations, such as low-light map reading, or accompanying Fido on a nocturnal stroll around the block.

Thumb pressure on the locking tab releases the cover, and a spring mechanism keeps the open cover flat against the flashlight's housing. A locking lever keeps the entire unit securely attached to the flashlight's bezel.

Applicable to SureFire flashlights with a 1.25" bezel
(Z2, C2, C3, G2Z, G2, 6P, 9P, etc.)
Locking lever keeps filter securely attached to flashlight
Provides secondary protection to flashlight lens window
Made in the USA