Definitely a busy but fun day here at OR. Already added a few new brands for 2014 and some items may be in our shop in the coming weeks. Some of the product highlights of the day were a really well though out backpack that includes a built in sleeping back stuffsack, a new 32oz bottle from HydroFlask, a backpacking BBQ grill, a headlamp that becomes a lantern, and an insulated travel bottle from Camelbak.


Clif Bar always has a great booth where you can try out bite sized samples of new flavors and old favorites from Clif Bars to Luna Bars to Builder's Bars to Shot Gels. As long as your route takes you past the Clif "Bar" there is no reason to run out of energy while running to appointments.

Camelbak introduced a new insulated, spillproof travel bottle that is very impressive. The new "FORGE" features a vacuum sealed, double walled, stainless steel bottle with push button drink valve that is held down to drink and then seals automatically. The bottle even sports a protective cap on the bottom to prevent damage to the weld point where vacuum bottles are vulnerable. Look for it in our shop this January!





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