Liability: THE CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES AND UNDERSTANDS THAT THERE ARE INHERENT RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO HIKING, BACKPACKING, ROCK CLIMBING, KAYAKING, BIKING, OR CAMPING, INCLUDING SERIOUS BODILY INJURY OR EVEN DEATH.  The customer agrees that Gear To Go Outfitters is only the provider of certain pieces of gear and cannot be held responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses suffered by the customer while using items purchased or rented from Gear To Go Outfitters and agrees to “hold harmless” Gear To Go Outfitters as well as any and all of its employees.

Reservations: In order to ensure that we can accommodate your rental needs, we recommend that you make your reservation at least 6 business days in advance as there is transit time involved to get the gear to you from our shipping facility.  Shorter lead times might work, but may well involve higher shipping costs.  When you make a reservation your credit card will be authorized, but not charged, for the full cost of your rental plus one-way shipping to you.  Upon receipt of your order, we will confirm availability of the specific request and contact you if any substitutions are suggested.  Your account will actually not be charged until near the time of shipping, or within 30 days of your order, whichever comes first.  Reservations must be made with a valid credit card or a debit card that can be run as a credit card.   

Cancellation: When you make a reservation we are setting aside rental gear for you and may have to turn away other customers, so if your plans change please cancel your reservation as soon as possible.  Generally, we will issue a full refund or cancel with no penalty if we are notified by email at least 10 full days before your scheduled delivery time.  Exceptions may arise for larger orders for which we have made special arrangements to fulfill.  Cancellations made with less than 10 days notice will be handled on an exception basis, including store credit for a re-scheduled rental.  We can make minor changes of adding or removing gear with no penalty up to the time of shipping.  Once we've shipped, you are responsible for the entire rental and shipping cost. 

Rental Guarantee:  We take pride in the gear we rent and fully inspect all of our rental gear for cleanliness, damage, and proper operation.  We ask that you inspect your rental gear upon delivery and notify us immediately of any problems so that we can replace any unsatisfactory gear.  If you experience a problem with any of your rental gear during your rental period that is the result of gear not performing properly or being in an unsatisfactory condition at the time of delivery, and we are unable to replace the gear in a timely manner, we will refund the rental fee for the unsatisfactory item.  REFUND OF YOUR RENTAL FEE IS THE FULL EXTENT OF OUR LIABILITY FOR OUR RENTAL GEAR. 

Shipping Policy: This site calculates one-way shipping costs by the total shipping weight of the gear in the cart, assuming Ground shipping from UPS/Fedex.  To qualify for this shipping cost, your order must be placed far enough in advance to cover the Ground transit days - anywhere from 1-5 business days depending on distance from us in AZ.  If there isn't enough time for Ground, we will contact you to see if you wish to have the shipment expedited at our carrier's added cost,  or if you can change the date needed.  Note that "shipping weight" for camping gear is nearly always more than its actual carrying weight due to the high volume and low density of most gear items.

 Any shipment up to 10 pounds is $10, and the rate increases in increments of $5 - $10 in higher weight brackets.  You will see the total shipping cost early in checkout before entering any personal information.  For orders of interest that exceed 150 shipping pounds, you will be prompted to call us for a more precise quote. 

You can return the gear via any carrier of your choosing, but you should use one that has tracking.  Be sure to tape the box(es) well for a safe return as you are responsible for the gear until it is returned to us.  You must drop it with the carrier by the end date of your rental term to avoid any late charges.  We can include a return label at our costs if requested.

The shipping address to use for all return shipments to us:

Gear to Go Outfitters
2155 E. University Drive, Ste 112
Tempe AZ 85288
(866) 994-4537

Start Date: Your rental period begins on the date that the gear is delivered to you or your requested date, whichever is later, which must be a weekday.  You are not charged for extra days if your order arrives early.  We do strongly caution against making your reservation start date for the same day you are departing on your trip as carriers can deliver anytime on your start day including in the evening.  We recommend that you choose a reservation start date that is  at least one day before your departure.  When time allows, we target delivery a day before your requested Start Date to build in a cushion for a delay with the carrier.

End Date: Your rental period ends on the day you stated in your order, or the day  your box is post marked or picked up by a carrier for return to us, whichever is later.  If you are using FedEx, UPS, or another shipping company, we will look at the tracking info to verify the ship date.  If you are using the US Postal Service we will look to the postmark date. Note that due to carrier schedules, in most cases this will be a weekday business day.

Duration: The minimum rental period is 3 nights.  As an example, if your Start Date is on Friday it will need to be returned on Monday. As we have set aside your gear for a set time, you will not be credited for an early return.  


Cleaning: All sleeping bags are laundered between rentals and are delivered clean & fresh.  All of our gear is delivered in ready-to-use condition.  If rented gear becomes wet or damp we ask that you hang up to dry or take appropriate action to prevent mold and mildew from forming.  If gear is handled properly this should not be a problem.  For example, if you rent a tent for a week, use it for one rainy night and then decide to abandon your trip, don’t leave the tent crumpled up in a dark corner for the rest of the week, hang it up to dry

Damaged Gear: You are responsible for gear returned with damages in excess of normal wear and tear.  Examples of such damages include but are not limited to punctures, tears, stains, or missing components.  Normal wear and tear shall include minor scrapes, abrasions, or evidence of use consistent with responsible use of the rental gear.  If you return damaged gear you will only be charged for the cost of repairs and nothing more.  It is neither our desire, nor our policy to seek to charge you for damages and only excessive abuse of our gear will result in damage fees. 

Late Fees: Failing to return your rented items on time may prevent us from fulfilling another customer’s order so if you cannot return your rental gear on time please contact us to make arrangements.  If the rented item is not needed for another rental you will only be charged for the additional days as if you had originally scheduled the rental for the extended time.  If rental gear is needed for another customer’s rental, and is not returned on time you will be charged for additional minimum 3-day rentals incurred until the rental gear is dropped off with a carrier for return.  The maximum late fee shall be equal to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the rented item. IN THE EVENT RENTAL GEAR IS RETURNED AFTER END DATE FOR YOUR RENTAL YOU AGREE THAT WE MAY CHARGE YOUR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD UP TO THE MANUFACTURER’S SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE OF THE RENTED ITEM.

Shipping carrier losses and delays:  On rare occasion there are issues with shipping carriers destroying or losing gear while in transit to you or back enroute to our warehouse, or incurring delays due to weather or error. 

Gear lost in transit to you will lead to a full rental refund, including shipping.

Gear delayed beyond your Start Date due to our or the carrier's error will be refunded if the gear is unuseable due to scheduling.  We will issue a pickup order for return of the box.  There is no credit or refund due to a shipping delay arising from an error in a provided delivery address.

You are responsible for the gear until it is returned to us; we highly encourage using a carrier with tracking service, as well as insurance, for the return trip.  You are not subject to late fees due to carrier-caused delays on returns, but are responsible for any losses incurred by the carrier during return.

Disputes:  All legal disputes and lawsuits must be filed in a court of appropriate jurisdiction located within Maricopa County, AZ, applying the laws of Arizona State.