Liability: THE CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES AND UNDERSTANDS THAT THERE ARE INHERENT RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO HIKING, BACKPACKING, ROCK CLIMBING, KAYAKING, BIKING, OR CAMPING, INCLUDING SERIOUS BODILY INJURY OR EVEN DEATH.  The customer agrees that Gear To Go Outfitters LLC cannot be held responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses suffered by the customer while using items purchased or rented from Gear To Go Outfitters LLC and agrees to “hold harmless” Gear To Go Outfitters LLC as well as any and all of its employees.

Reservations: In order to ensure that we can accommodate your rental needs, we recommend that you make your reservation at least a week in advance.  When you make a reservation your credit card will be charged for the full cost of your rental period.  Reservations must be made with either a credit card or a debit card that can be run as a credit card.  No exceptions will be made to this policy. 

Cancellation: When you make a reservation we are setting aside rental gear for you and may have to turn away other customers so if your plans change please cancel your reservation as soon as possible.  Because we may have to turn away other customers we must charge cancellation fees as described below.  To receive a full refund you must notify us at least 7 full days before your scheduled delivery time.  Cancellations made within 4-7 days will only be charged for shipping.  Cancellations made with 2-4 day notice, will receive store credit towards a future rental.  CANCELLATIONS MADE WITH LESS THAN 2 DAYS NOTICE WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE FULL RENTAL. 

Rental Guarantee:  We take pride in the gear we rent and fully inspect all of our rental gear for cleanliness, damage, and proper operation.  We ask that you inspect your rental gear upon delivery and notify us immediately of any problems so that we can replace any unsatisfactory gear.  If you experience a problem with any of your rental gear during your rental period that is the result of gear not performing properly or being in an unsatisfactory condition at the time of delivery, and we are unable to replace the gear in a timely manner, we will refund the rental fee for the unsatisfactory item.  The decision to issue a refund is solely at our discretion.  REFUND OF YOUR RENTAL FEE IS THE FULL EXTENT OF OUR LIABILITY FOR OUR RENTAL GEAR. 

Shipping Policy: Free shipping does not include free return shipping unless specified at time of checkout.  A return shipping label is available for purchase at checkout.  It is the customer's responsibility to ship their rental order back to our warehouse using the carrier of their choice.

SHIPPING LIABILITY: Please note that we are only responsible for delivering the items to the address you enter as your desired shipping address.  Since we have no control over the conditions at the destination you choose to enter we cannot accept liability for stolen or damaged shipments and this is the customer's responsibility.  If you are concerned about where the FedEx driver will leave your package we strongly recommend you reach out to FedEx to arrange for safe delivery.

Shipping Rates (FedEx Ground):

Orders under $50: $10 fee (Does not include return shipping)

Orders from $50 - $99: $20 fee (Does not include return shipping)

Orders from $100 - $249: FREE SHIPPING (Does not include return shipping)


Return shipping: If your order is less than $250 you have the option of purchasing a prepaid return shipping label at checkout for $20.

Start Date: Your rental period begins on the date that the gear is delivered to you.  You are not charge for extra days if your order arrives early.  We do strongly caution against making your reservation start date for the same day you are departing on your trip as FedEx can deliver anytime on your start day including in the evening.  We strongly recommend that you choose a reservation start date that is the day before your departure.

End Date: Your rental period ends on the day you deliver your rental gear to your carrier of choice and ship it back to us.  If you are using FedEx, UPS, or another shipping com[any, we will look at the tracking info to verify the ship date.  If you are using the US Postal Service we will look to the postmark date. 

Duration: The minimum rental period is 3 nights.  Therefore if you pick up your rental gear on Friday it will need to be returned on Monday. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU RETURN THE GEAR BEFORE YOUR RENTAL PERIOD HAS EXPIRED YOU WILL NOT BE CREDITED FOR THE EXTRA DAYS.  


Damaged Gear: You are responsible for gear returned with damages in excess of normal wear and tear.  Examples of such damages include but are not limited to punctures, tears, stains, or missing components.  Normal wear and tear shall include minor scrapes, abrasions, or evidence of use consistent with responsible use of the rental gear.  If you return damaged gear you will only be charged for the cost of repairs and nothing more.  IN THE EVENT OF DESTRUCTION, LOSS OR THEFT OF YOUR RENTED GEAR, YOU AGREE THAT WE MAY CHARGE YOUR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD UP TO THE MANUFACTURER’S SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE OF THE RENTED ITEM.  It is neither our desire, nor our policy to seek to charge you for damages and only excessive abuse of our gear will result in damage fees. 

Late Fees: Failing to return your rented items on time may prevent us from fulfilling another customer’s order so if you cannot return your rental gear on time please contact us to make arrangements.  If the rented item is not needed for another rental you will only be charged for the additional days as if you had originally scheduled the rental for the extended time.  If rental gear is needed for another customer’s rental, and is not returned on time you will be charged the three (3) day rental fee for each day until the rental gear is returned.  If we have shipped you your rental gear or you have arranged to ship it back to us after picking up your gear in our shop, your only concern is to make sure the rental gear is delivered to your shipper on the end date. The maximum late fee shall be equal to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the rented item. IN THE EVENT RENTAL GEAR IS RETURNED AFTER END DATE FOR YOUR RENTAL YOU AGREE THAT WE MAY CHARGE YOUR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD UP TO THE MANUFACTURER’S SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE OF THE RENTED ITEM.

Cleaning: All sleeping bags are laundered between rentals and are delivered clean & fresh.  All of our gear is delivered in ready to use condition.  If rented gear becomes wet or damp we ask that you hang up to dry or take appropriate action to prevent mold and mildew from forming.  If gear is handled properly this should not be a problem.  For example, if you rent a tent for a week, use it for one rainy night and then decide to abandon your trip, don’t leave the tent crumpled up in a dark corner for the rest of the week, hang it up to dry.

Disputes:  All legal disputes and lawsuits must be filed in a court of appropriate jurisdiction located within Westchester County, NY, applying the laws of NY State.  Customers agree to waive the defense of forum non conveniens.