I have always had a strong sense of adventure, a passion for exploration and believed that life should be lived without ever asking yourself “what if?”  As a cadet in the University of Arizona’s Army ROTC program I joined the Battalion’s Ranger training program and soon found myself spending most weekends in the desert learning small unit tactics, land navigation, and desert survival under the tutelage of soldiers from the Green Berets, Delta Force, and Rangers.  I marveled at the beautiful places we traveled to in order to train to fight and eventually had the epiphany that, “Hey, I can come here without the M-16.”  My passion for the outdoors was born in the deserts and mountains of Southern Arizona and only grew from there. 

            I eventually transferred to the Naval ROTC and was commissioned as an Ensign in the U.S Navy.  As a Naval Officer I had the opportunity to fly jets, hunt submarines on a guided missile frigate and serve as a boarding officer charged with leading a 12 man team tasked with taking over ships in the Persian Gulf and inspecting them for contraband during the United Nations Embargo against Iraq.  Returning to New York City in January 2001 I began a new life as a law student.  January 2003 marked my return to active duty when I deployed overseas with a reserve gunboat/coastal warfare unit as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  I returned to law school after my latest tour of duty and completed my studies.  Admitted in NY and NJ, I very quickly realized that a desk job was not for me.

            While attending Cardozo Law School I founded and led the school’s Outdoor Adventure Club.  I took fellow students hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, sailing, and kayaking, often for their first time.  On backpacking trips in particular I soon realized how difficult it was to rent outdoor gear in the New York City metro area.  Club members were able to rent a few of the bigger items but had to buy and borrow the rest, running all over the city in order to prepare for a simple weekend backpacking trip.  Hence, Gear To Go Outfitters where we sell and rent everything you need in one place. 

            I have been hiking since 1991 and have thousands of miles under my boots from the deserts of the Southwest, the volcanic landscapes of Iceland, the arctic tundra of Greenland, to the legendary Appalachian Trail.  As one of the only military trained guides in NYC Metro Area, I have had unparalleled survival training and can navigate on land, sea or even in the air.  I am not only certified as a Wilderness EMT, I also teach both the Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness First Aid courses.  I am a total “gearhead” and love answering customers questions or discussing their preferences for outdoor gear.  The employees I hire share my passion for, and knowledge of the outdoors.  It is my sincere desire to provide you with outstanding advice, customer service, and only the best in outdoor gear.