Out trips are rated according to the level of exertion required and NOT the level of skill required. You are in the hands of our experienced, licensed guides, and no prior experience is necessary for any of our trips.  



These trips are recommended for those who feel they are in good shape and exercise regularly. These trips are also perfect for those of you who have previously joined us for a MODERATE level trip and experienced no major difficulties.  The Strenuous rating does not mean you will be running a marathon or participating in some kind of physical test of your limits.  It does mean that this trip is not a simple walk in the woods and you will definitely feel like you had a good work out that day.  Expect rapid elevation gain, occasional rock scrambling, and/or long distances.  


These trips are recommended for those of you who exercise at least 1-2 times per week and can handle a day of high exertion. Expect steady, but not sharp, elevation gains of 1-2,000 feet and distances between 6 and 10 miles.  Just about everyone without major health issues can comfortably participate in this level of hike.


If you are just looking for an easy walk in the woods, are new to hiking, or are simply unsure of your level of conditioning, this is the level of hike we recommend.  These hikes may still feature distances of between 6-7 miles but there will be little elevation gain and the type of trail/path will be easy to walk on without worrying about stumbling over rocks, etc.  We try to pair up these hikes with great destinations and other activities so don't shy away from these trips even if you consider yourself a fitness superstar.  You'll still have a great time and won't be sore for the next day's workout!