Rent Backpacking Tent (2 Person)

  • Rent Backpacking Tent (2 Person)
Rent Backpacking Tent (2 Person) Rent Backpacking Tent (2 Person) Rent Backpacking Tent (2 Person)

Rent Backpacking Tent (2 Person)


Start and End Dates must be business days. Call for rentals longer than 21 days.


Two-person design backpacking tents allow sharing carry-weight between roomies, and take up less ground space on the trip than two separate single-person tents. For the claustrophobic soloist, a 2-person like this is your answer. They are definitely heavier than a one-person backpacking tent - but usually by just about a pound or less, and on shorter trips the weight might be worth it to have plenty of room for one. But there really is room for two adults sleeping on standard-size mattress pads, albeit cozy. 

With any two-person tent, sharing campers can split up the load - separate the poles from the body, for example - and share the carrying load between camp sites.

This tent is rated as 'Three-Season', but should protect you just fine even in high, cold winds if it is well staked. Heavy snowfalls should be periodically cleared off the fly, although a few inches accumulating on top usually won't cause any problems. It you're in for real gnarly winter weather, consider a 4-season tent for protection. If you are unsure about which tent is right for you trip check out our article on finding a tent suitable for your needs.

We have had a range of options in this line over the years. Our current base offering is the Soul 2 from Big Sky International  -  a specialist in lightweight gear you'll find with a lot of backpackers on the long trails.  The configuration on this model is light, but not delicate materials, and it's free standing so it's easy to find a place to set it up. The tent we send may vary from the photo, or by brand, but will be of comparable quality, weight and function.

For an upgraded experience, select the "2.5 Double Door" option with the dropdown box.  This model is also from Big Sky, but one that retails for about $100 more as it has 2 convenient side doors and separate vestibules, with a bit more room inside as well.  The weight difference is negligible between these 2 models but the upgrade is nice if you want a roomier environment to rest - good option for bigger guys for a few dollars more.

Feel free to call us anytime at 866-994-4537 with any question about your camping and backpacking gear rental needs!

Minimum rental is 3 days

3 Days - base model tent: $40
Days 4-21: $4 per day

3 Days - upgraded Double-Door tent: $55
Days 4-21: $4 per day

For longer-term rentals, call for quote

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