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Rent Car Camping Cookset Rent Car Camping Cookset Rent Car Camping Cookset

Rent Car Camping Cookset


Start and End Dates must be business days. Call for rentals longer than 21 days.


For whatever reason, things taste better on the trail. Many things I wouldn't touch at home can taste out-of-this world a couple of days into a long hike. And many of the premixed food packages that are now available to backpackers are actually quite tasty. But with the right backpacking stove and cookware, just about anything from the grocery shelves can be served up. These cooking pots will also work for the larger car-camping stove we rent, but of course if you're car camping you might be able to just raid your own kitchen for what you need. To get educated and have a better understanding on what to expect while backpacking and camp dining see here.

This package is a combo set of two stainless steel pots around 1 liter each, give or take a bit depending on available sizes. These are great for car camping, and suitable for backpacking if you just take one of them; not likely to need two of these pots for just one person. 

This cooking set is not really designed for cooking over a campfire flame for extended periods - it can take you - or us - forever to clean the pots after such a use. Since we're not into the pot-scrubbing business, make sure you clean up before sending back to us to avoid a $10 pot-cleaning fee. If you want to avoid messy cleanups, don't cook over an open flame; don't cook cheesy things; and be sure to constantly stir whatever you're heating - over as low heat as possible to get the job done.

These cooking sets are the cookware selection you'll want if cooking for more than one or two campers, or if you plan on doing anything more complicated than boiling water. If all you want is something to boil water in for premixed packages and maybe have some tea or coffee, consider renting the titanium kettle instead - but don't cook directly in the kettle as it is definitely not non-stick.  

Minimum rental is 3 days

3 Days: $15
Days 4-21: $1 per day
For longer-term rentals, call for quote

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