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Start and End Dates must be business days. Call for rentals longer than 21 days.


Packs for day hiking and light travel (20-35 liters)

These are not large enough for most overnight wilderness trips where you have to pack tents, sleeping bags, etc for several nights, but are best suited for uses such as:

Round trip day hikes from a trailhead with water, snacks and additional clothing layers

Overnight wilderness trips where most of your gear is being carried by mule, sherpa or other means

Front country travel in the city or on airlines with nominal gear needs

A good, small day pack is something many people need so we don't rent these all that often as it makes sense to just buy one for future use as well.  We sell these used as well so you can always give us a call to see what is available.  However, we do often rent these for groups wanting to avoid a big purchase for a trip, or for single one-time use for some event or trip; rental is definitely much less expensive in these cases.  

Within this product line are a variety  of sizes and models we choose from Osprey and Deuter, with a few Gregory or other brands as well - all comfortable and high quality.  Sizes range from 20 - 35 liters, or about 1200 - 2100 cubic inches.  For comparison, a typical classic overnight wilderness pack of medium size will fall in the 50 - 65 liter range. These are not always a solution for youth as while smaller in capacity than a large pack, the packs' torso size may be too big for a child.  Just give us a call at 866-994-4537 before ordering to discuss the best options for your needs. For more information on backpacks, check out our All About Backpacks article.

Minimum rental is 3 days

3 Days: $19 
Days 4-21: $2 per day

For longer-term rentals, call for quote

Please review our rental policies