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Rent Backpacking Chair


Start and End Dates must be business days. Call for rentals longer than 21 days.


We're lightweight backpacking evangelists, but every now and then, we'll splurge with an occasional luxury item even if it means a little extra weight, especially on a trip where we're not knocking out long distances every day. For those backpacking trips that leave some time to sit around during the day or around a camp fire in the evening, consider one of these lightweight, but very comfy, camp chair. All two pounds of it.

These chairs fold down to a small cylinder about 14" long and 4" in diameter, so it fits easily in or on any backpack. And it supports even big guys pushing 300 pounds, although you do sit pretty low to the ground. Worst case after a long day's hike, a buddy can help you get up - if you ever want to.

The trade off for carrying this extra 2 pounds in your pack is not having to sit on a wet, ant-infested log or a sharp granite rock while you're cooking or swapping lies with each other around the fire. It's really quite easy on the tush, and you're guaranteed to get some envious looks at your next back country camp site. If you're car camping, the backpacking chair could be a good option if space is at a premium in your car, or just pickup a cheap camp chair at a big box store for that kind of camping when weight isn't an issue.  The chair we send may vary from the photo, but will be of comparable quality and function.

We've only got a few of these, so if interested, order early as possible. These chairs are sorta pricey at retail ($90+) if you break one, so be careful and don't burn it up in the fire or smash it during a wrestling match. In that case, just patch it and keep it; we'll have to buy another one on your dime. If we can answer any questions on this fine piece of outdoor furniture, or anything else we rent or sell, just give us a call!

Minimum rental is 3 days

3 Days: $15
Days 4-21: $1 per day
For longer-term rentals, call for quote