Rent Trekking Pole (Pair)

  • Rent Trekking Pole (Pair)

Rent Trekking Pole (Pair)


Start and End Dates must be business days. Call for rentals longer than 21 days.


Most customers think - "I don't need hiking poles! Those are for older folks with bad knees, not me!" Think again.

Look at it this way, by answering these questions:
Do you ever grab the handrail when going up or down a stairway?
If you step onto the seat of a chair to reach something, do you first grab the back of chair for balance?
Who falls down more - two-legged or four-legged animals?

Poles offer all kinds of benefits, from the obvious - reducing strain on the back, legs and feet - to handy balance assistance while rock-hopping across a creek with a pack on your back. If you grab the hand rail at your office going up one flight of steps because it's "easier" and it gives you a better sense of balance, then just maybe it's a good idea to have the security and strength of an extra set of legs when you're a long way from help.

"But won't my arms get tired", some folks ask. No. Any burden on your arms - and these poles are much lighter than a beer, which you never complained about lifting - is more than offset by the relief on your back, knees, and legs. We offer a variety of poles from Leki, Black Diamond among others; all models are lightweight with comfortable grips and wrist straps that make them a breeze to handle.

These 3-section poles, while light, are super-strong to support even the biggest amongst us. The pole length is adjustable from about 25-55 inches, with easy-to-adjust joints that don't give out while in use.

Good quality trekking poles can be a bit expensive - most of the ones we rent retail for about $140 - but the pain of writing that check to us is a lot less than the pain of sore knees and toe blisters from long downhill treks. With us, rental is no pain in the wallet or knees. Also, beware thinking you can pickup of a pair at Walmart or Target for just a few bucks. There's a reason, and you don't want to figure that out as you tumble down the hill when they collapse on you.

The stated rental rate is for a set of two (2) hiking poles.

Minimum rental is 3 days

3 Days: $19
Days 4-21: $2 per day
For longer-term rentals, call for quote

Please review our rental policies