Rent Sleeping Bag For Cold Weather

  • Rent Sleeping Bag For Cold Weather

Rent Sleeping Bag For Cold Weather


Start and End Dates must be business days. Call for rentals longer than 21 days.


All of the bags we carry are top-quality; well-designed, relatively lightweight bags that will help keep you warm and dry at night. All of our bags have a synthetic material fill; natural down is slightly lighter and more expensive, but if you get it wet, you're basically screwed for a few days until it dries out. Synthetic filled bags will still function fairly well even if they get wet. For those reasons, we decided to stick to the synthetic fills for all of the bags we carry, although they don't stuff down as well as the down ones. And yes, we fully wash each bag between rentals, so you won't be catching any bugs or anything from the prior renter.

Most of our sleeping bags are categorized by the general temperature range in which they will be used. Sleeping bag manufacturers generally label their bags with a degree rating, such as this one in the 20' -25' F range, and with the dropdown selector, you can choose one rated at 0' F.  That means this bag should keep you warm at night down to that temperature, but be aware there are many variables involved that influence your comfort, including your metabolism; what you're wearing; the quality of your mattress pad; the size of your tent; and how many campers are in the tent with you.  We suggest giving yourself a few degrees cushion in your bag selection, as you can always unzip the bag if you get too hot, but it can be hard to get warmer if you chose too high a rated bag.  On the other hand, the lower the temp rating, the heavier the bag will be, so for backpacking put some thought into it so you are not needlessly carrying too much weight.

To maximize comfort and the warmth capacity of the bag, always rent a mattress pad as well. Don't try to save a few bucks and plan to just sleep directly on the tent floor - you'll be in for one miserable night. And the mattress pad can have as much to do with how warm you are as the bag. Another hint - if you have excess room lengthwise in your bag, stuff some of your clothes in the bottom to help keep your feet warm and reduce the amount of air inside the bag your body heat has to try to warm up. If you are interested in more precaution steps check out our article on Sleeping in the Wilderness.

The sleeping bags we rent are from well-known brands such as Kelty, Alps Mountaineering, Marmot, and Sierra Designs. The bag we send may vary from the photo, but will be of similar quality and function.  Unless otherwise specified, they are 'Regular' length, which means it's designed for 6-footers and under. If you played some basketball as a forward, select the longer length model via the drop-down box.  Note that the longer ones are only available in the 20-25' or warmer-weather ranges, not in the 0-10' range.

Note - this item has a high volume-to-weight ratio - that is, it may be relatively light, but it eats up a lot of box space. Shipments including this item often require a bigger box that is subject to a rate surcharge by UPS, so the effective shipping weight calculated at checkout is higher than the actual weight.

Minimum rental is 3 days

3 Days - 20-25' temp range: $33
Days 4-21: $2 per day

3 Days - 0-10' temp range: $38
Days 4-21: $2 per day

For longer-term rentals, call for quote

Please review our rental policies